Wednesday, 28 January 2015

update your Halifax account experian credit file phish

 update your Halifax account experian credit file phish:

From: "Experian - Halifax Online"{}
Subject: update your Halifax account
Message body:
Dear Customer,

It has been reported to us by experian that some of our customers'
could find their Experian credit file does not reflect this due to an IT blunder at the bank.

Though Experian says the glitch means customers "may have missed out on positive data"
that might have increased their ability to get credit elsewhere.

In particular those upgrading from Halifax's basic bank account
? the Easycash Halifax bank account
? to a Reward Current Account may be adversely affected by the problem.

but in order for no one to be left out, we are requesting an account update
from all our customers, attached to this message is a form containing all
neccessary fields to enable us rectify this problem, please download and fill
all the form as all fields are required.

Attached to the email is a html file:
Halifax Online Update Form.html

The fake html phishing site looks like this...



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