Monday, 19 January 2015

BankBot scam

BankBot money making binarybot scams keep on coming....

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From: "Josefina Ford" {}
Subject: Re: This is your only chance to become financially free!
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 06:04:16 +0600

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Subject: Re: 24-hour income!
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Subject: Re: This is your only chance to become financially free!
Message Body:
BankBot is a way out from being disappointed with life.  Your financial security tool. You work every day at the office, spend all day in front of a computer and earn money for your boss.
You can do the same and earn for a new car at the same time! It's not complicated for an adequate person. You just need to connect to BankBot and the ?system-customized robots-evaluators of market fluctuations? will work for you.
You make investments and predict the world market situation and get the result. No more scam brokers! Only you, BankBot and the world of finance. There is no software that can analyze information the same way a human brain can.
That's why BankBot needs clever people. That's why BankBot needs you. Your luck and capability to divide financial flows are what defines your wealth. Make your choice now: boring office timespending as the only way to pay-off the bills and credits, or BankBot, that let's you train your mind and earn.
Billions of digital dollars are circulating in the financial world and BankBot is the tool that lets you cut off your piece.
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Oooooh, all that money...  and smiley faces....



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