Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Please Confirm Your Billing Information Bt Online Services

Alert Summary:
Please Confirm Your Billing Information Bt Online Services phishing email, asking you to login and update your billing details....this explains the earlier incorrect attempt

From: "Bt Online Services"{billinginfo@bt.com}
Subject: Please Confirm Your Billing Information
Message body:
Confirm Your Billing Information - Verification file attached

N.B:- Open the downloaded file only on FIREFOX or SAFARI browser as this
file is not configured to work properly on IE or OPERA browser.

Dear Valued Bt Customer,      

IMPORTANT: Your billing information must be confirmed and verified to ensure uninterrupted service.

To enhance the level of service you receive with Bt Online Services,
we regularly review the online bt accounts. We have issued this
warning message to inform you that we have detected a slight error in your account
information. This might be due to either of the following reasons:

    * A recent change in your personal information ( i.e.change of address).
    * Submiting invalid information during the initial sign up process.
As a result, we require you to confirm and verify your account information by
downloading the attached verification form and completing the confirmation process.

Note: However, failure to confirm and verify your billing information will result in
temporarily account suspension. Please understand that this is a security measure
intended to help protect you and your account. We apologize for any inconvenience
Attached to the email is a html file:
Billing Confirmation Form.html

The fake html attached take you to a faked phishing site...



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