Thursday, 29 January 2015

Santander Bank Secure Notification Phish

Alert Summary:

Phishing: Santander Bank Secure Notification emails saying that you need to confirm your online banking details.

Sample Message headers:
To: Recipients {}
From: "Santander  Bank  UK" {}
Subject: Santander Bank Secure Notification
Sample Message body:
Valued Customer,

Please note that starting from January 24, 2015 we will be introducing new online banking authentication procedures in order to protect the private information of all online banking users.

You are required to confirm your online banking details with us as you will not be able to have access to your accounts until this has been done.

As you're already registered for online banking all you need to do is to confirm your online banking details.

Confirm your details

Once you've completed this you'll be able to manage your money whenever you want, giving you more control of your finances.

Customer Service
Santander Alert Team
The above link takes you to website, hosting a re-directed page:
The above re-direct page, takes you to this domain, which hosts the phishing site:

The fake phishing site above looks like this:


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