Thursday, 12 March 2015

your email address PayPal

your email address PayPal phishing emails are arriving in force...

Subject: Confirm your email address
Subject: Confirm your new email address
Subject: New email address added to your account
Subject: Please confirm your new email address
Subject: You added a new email address to your account
Subject: You have added a new email address for your Paypal account
Subject: You have changed your email address
Confirm your email address

Dear Member ,
Confirm your email address now to let us know it really belongs to you.

If you didn't add this email address, let us know straight away.

Confirm your email

Email contains a link:
Which then redirects to a fake site:

Once you arrive at the fake site, you are asked to log in and provide details:



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

good warning - my yahoo mail had automatically put it in my spam folder found it by chance and then I scratched my head - had I changed my email address lately ?. Three clues that it was phissing - not my name just Dear Client,the return address and it was also not possible to reply that you had not changed your address.Double checked the net then found this posting - so it was a scam