Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Linsen Parts UK Ltd Invoice from Linsen Parts Ltd

Invoice from Linsen Parts Ltd Invoice mark03215@linsenparts.co.uk being spammed with a word document.

These emails aren't from these companies at all , they are just being used to make the email look more genuine, ie. from a real company.
It's also worth remembering that the company itself  may not have any knowledge of this email and it's link(s) or attachment as it won't have come from their servers and IT systems but from an external bot net.

It's not advised to ring them as there won't really be anything they can do to help you.

Message Header::

From: Linsen Parts UK Ltd {mark03215@linsenparts.co.uk}
Subject: Invoice from Linsen Parts Ltd
Message Body:
Please disregard the invoice I sent earlier

Please see attached invoice.


Accounts Dept.
Linsen Parts
Sha256 Hashes:
24aff09953c8301e82217137001b9ed45a84a3f3a04d6ce1a875d2d36eb275fb [1]
84ed4af68f401bdf7f5470fbb4a49134a523a032919baf8610510d5e34b03268  [2]
90767466ea908631bdba5f8628c7a02aa3ceb900e0a70cd2d18c4f86f58222e7 [3]

Malware Macro document information:
VirusTotal Report [1] (Detection ratio 2 /57)
VirusTotal Report [2] (Detection ratio 2 /57)
VirusTotal Report [3] (Detection ratio 2 /57)

Malwr Report [1]
Malwr Report [2]
Malwr Report [3]

Hybrid Analysis Report [1]
Hybrid Analysis Report [2]
Hybrid Analysis Report [3]


The current round of Word/Excel/XML attachments are targeted at Windows users.

Apple and Android software can open these attachments and may even manage to run the macro embedded inside the attachment.

The auto-download file is normally a windows executable and so will not currently run on  any operating system, apart from Windows.

However, if you are an Apple/Android user and forward the message to a Windows user, you will them put them at risk of opening the attachment and auto-downloading the malware.

Currently these attachments try to auto-download Dridex, which is designed to

steal login information regarding your bank accounts (either by key logging, taking auto-screens hots or copying information from your clipboard (copy/paste))



Beccy Hodder said...

Iv just had this email and my phone downloaded and opened the document. Should I be worried

Beccy Hodder said...

Iv just had this email and my phone downloaded and opened the document. Should I be worried

Chris said...

Don't worry about the phone, this is a macro that runs in MS Word - but you should be more careful about what you open!

Ben Clayton said...

Hi, I quickly opened this, enabled macros and then a .exe files tried to open. I quickly clicked the 'x' symbol, and that APPEARED to be the end of it. Should I be worried?

Steve Basford said...

Hi Ben, it's worth doing some online antivirus scans. Choose Eset from the online scanners tab at the top of the page.

Richard said...


I'm glad that I've just come across this, haha..

I've opened the email and the attachment but it appears blank on an iPhone. Can I just check that this isn't going to damage my phone?


Steve Basford said...

Hi Richard,

You'll be ok if you've opened it on your phone

Huw Jenkins said...

I stupidly openned the Word doc in MS Outlook. Immediately closed the "exe" boxes but obviously started something. I have since run Eset, Windows Defender and Malwarebytes to erdicate the virus.

Is this enough, any advice?


A very silly boy!

paulstead said...

Any good way for detection of this? I notice that the Sane rules haven't been updated to detect these?


Steve Basford said...

Hi Paul,

phish.ndb and rogue.hdb should be picking these up...


What dates are you databases (or drop me an email if its easier)

Birgit Plucknett said...

Linsen parts have a statement about this email on their website saying it's not from them and not to open any attachments