Monday, 30 March 2015

podanie podanie do DZ

podanie  podanie do DZ incoming malware

From: ant@o2.plSubject: podanie
Message body:
Z poważaniem

There's a Zip file attached to the email:
podanie do DZ

Inside the Zip file is an Windows Executable file (Note: the double extension trick)
podanie do SV kor.docx.exe
Sha256 Hashes:
 8b56996697f4627101b858067690eef4dcd6eaef9743c23bc67edf06618c31a1   [1]

Malware Information:

VirusTotal Report [1] (hits 1/56 Virus Scanners)

Malwr Report [1]

Hybrid Analysis Report [1]



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