Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Time Sheet hartsellb mtpleasantnc us malware...

Time Sheet hartsellb@mtpleasantnc.us malware...

From: {hartsellb@mtpleasantnc.us}
Time Sheet

Message body:
Sorry again this time it has a attachment.

There's a Zip file attached to the email:
2-9-15 to 2-15-15.zip

Inside the Zip file is a Windows executable:
2-9-15 to 2-15-15.exe
Md5 Hashes:
13aff51e4b26cd20e8af4ffe0ae10ae8   [1]

Malware Information:

VirusTotal Report [1] (hits 7/57 Virus Scanners)

Malwr Report [1]

Hybrid Analysis Report [1]




Tumbleweed said...

I got this today (2/24/2015)

Anonymous said...

Yep I also received it, 2.24.2015 @ 6:34am CST

Anonymous said...

I opened it by mistake!

Anonymous said...

I received this message at
Tue 2/24/2015 4:41 AM with the attachement already removed by my ISP/Security Svc.

Steve Basford said...

If you opened it, go to the online scanners tab at the top of the blog and use one of the online scanners.. eset normally is good.
Cheers, Steve

Anonymous said...

I got it today also!

Bob Soares said...

I received it today too at 7:36 am EST

Anonymous said...

Also recieved at 4:36

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this information. It is so nice to be able to be "fore-warned".

Anonymous said...

Got it today 25th Feb 2015. Thanx to all for the warning.

Barry Metcalfe said...

i also received this today but avg security warned me so thankfully i did not open it