Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Please confirm your card! Paypal phishing

Please confirm your card! Paypal phishing email:
From: ""
Subject: Please confirm your card!

Dear Member,

We emailed you a little while ago to ask for your help resolving an issue
with your PayPal account. Your account is still temporarily limited because
we haven't heard from you.

We understand it may be frustrating not to have full access to your PayPal
account. We want to work with you to get your account back to normal as
quickly as possible.

What's the problem?

We want to check with you to make sure that no one has logged in to your
account without your permission.

Please take a moment to download the form attached to this email and open
it in a web browser.
Once opened, you will be provided with steps to restore your card account.
We appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure your account safety.

(Your case ID for this reason is PP-002-300-223-834.)

Yours sincerely,

Attached to the email is a html file, containing the phishing site:
Activate Paypal.html

The fake site asks you to provide some of your details:



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