Friday, 4 May 2007

Trust No One: MS Needs Your Credit Card Details

Trojan.Kardphisher creates a genuine looking Microsoft Activation screen, the next time your pc re-boots... it asks you for your credit card details as part of the fake Activation!

Very crafty...

"This Trojan teaches us all a good lesson - Trust No One. This is the slogan from the TV show The X-Files, and very much applies when it comes to protecting your personal information. Sometimes the creators of Trojans attempt to impersonate Microsoft, a bank, or even a government organization. Whatever the warning or message says, we must make very sure it is genuine before giving up any personal details, financial or otherwise. It's far better to doubt a genuine request until proper verification is provided, than it is to blindly place your trust in a communique simply because it appears to have come from a trusted source.

Sad though it may be, the days of leaving your front door unlocked are over. In these times we not only need a lock on the door, we need a security guard watching the front door, the back door, and everywhere in between."


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