Thursday, 24 May 2007


OpenDNS.... maybe you've heard of it... but it's so easy to setup... and free... try it :)

OpenDNS replaces your ISP's dns servers... but with one important improvement... OpenDNS will warn you if a site or link you have just clicked on... is a known phishing site!

Use it as a backup to the normal FireFox/IE phishing toolbar plugins.

More info here


Anonymous said...

Open Dns is great! I do like how they warn you about phishing sites but also they allow you to BLOCK domains. Now of course you could just type in the ip address of a site and still access it, but I still believe its usefull in multilayer protection. One downside of opendns is, in ff for instance, you could type youtube and be brought to, but if your using opendns and type youtube in the address bar, open dns will take you to a search page rather then

Anonymous said...

Just would like to add OPENDNS does NOT block phishing sites that do NOT need dns resolution. forinstance opendns will block but not