Tuesday, 1 May 2007

boclean saves the day

While seaching for a free ftp client, as for some reason I'd forgotten about FileZilla, I came across this nice looking site (don't try and download the filename in this picture):

I scanned the exe file with AVG and, as I was in a rush,
ran the exe file to install the free ftp client.

This is what happened next:

That's right... AVG missed it... but BoClean popped up saying that it had detected a nasty in the file... just before it started to do really horrible stuff to my system!

Hurrah for this once commercial but now free malware program!

Out of interest, I scanned the free ftp with once of the multi-av scanning sites, with the following results:

Yep... as you can see, not many of the AV's detected it... so mega full marks to BoClean

Update: ISC also did a write up of the information I sent to them!

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