Saturday, 5 May 2007

Sanesecurity Sigs: Important News

Due to me nearly running out of bandwidth last month (17gb out of a 20gb host package), some urgent changes were needed to the signature hosting,otherwise I'd start getting charged for the extra bandwidth  :( 

So, to keep this short, here's a to-do list ;)

One: Mirrors

Three new mirrors are now available, in preferred order:

Mirror 1: A huge thanks to (formerly known as as they are now a mirror for my signatures, hourly updating from the main site.

Mirror 2: Thanks to, as they seem to be a mirror for my signatures, hourly updating from the main site

Mirror 3: Thanks to a special offer deal from Surpass Hosting, I setup a domain, to try and ease the load from the main site.

So, please could you all change your download scripts to download from the above mirrors, not only will this help avoid me getting hit with hosting charges but you benefit as you should be able to increase the frequency you check for download changes.

The new download Links have been updated on the download page and so have the scripts:

Two: check your download scripts

Please could everyone check that their scripts are only grabbing the signatures when they have changed. Some users have been downloading the sigs regardless of any changes and it's not really helping. While other users have made mistakes with their scripts/cron jobs and are trying to download every minute :(

That's it and thanks for everyone's understanding!




René Berber said...

The first script,, needs changes to MY_MIRROR and the way it is used. It assumed wrongly that all mirrors had a /clamav directory and it uses different names for the mirrors (my guess is that is not the same as, in the real mirrors the name of the subdirectoy changes.

Anonymous said...

It would really help if there was a Tested/documented sript from someone for the cron job - to check for the updates and download only when necessary + send a trigger to clam if required to reload the database.

Durga Prasad