Saturday, 31 January 2009

20.01.09: News

31.01.09: Update... aka Oops... forgot to update the main blog

20.01.09: News

It's been a while... but the Sanesecurity signatures have returned!

We disappeared for a while due a DDos, a small number of users who overloaded the shared hosting servers by downloading the signatures every second and in reality, an unscalable download system.

The old download system doesn't work any more and won't be coming back, so if you haven't done already, please disable your cron jobs and wget/curls downloads, as a new round-robin rsync based download url is available.

All the changes are detailed here.

There's also a Sanesecurity list, which is recommended that signature users subscribe to, so that any future problems can be reported directly to you:

Subscribe to Sanesecurity list, by sending an email to the address
in the below graphic, with a subject of: subscribe

There is an archive, so you can read previous messages here

Finally, thank you for all the support and feedback.


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