Sunday, 29 April 2007

Greeting Card

Here's a slightly odd greeting card currently detected as: Email.Malware.Sanesecurity.07030201

It doesn't look anything special to look at... but wait... what's this.... oh look, it's a username/password ftp link to download a normally nasty .pif file:

So, it loads the Zapchast trojan, as can be seen from some VirusTotal results:

Now, let's look at the live FTP site, you can see from the screen grab, the .pif file containing the trojan. Hmmm.... there seems to be other folders there too:

Hang on... that's an Italian Bank name!

Let's see what it looks like in FireFox (with NoScript plugin enabled).

Yup, I'ts a Posteitaliane bank fraud page, just waiting to capture your details:

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