Thursday, 6 August 2015

Voice message from 07773403290 voiplicity

Voice message from 07773403290 voiplicity fakes with a zip attachment...

These emails aren't from these companies at all , they are just being used to make the email look more genuine, ie. from a real company.
It's also worth remembering that the company itself  may not have any knowledge of this email and it's link(s) or attachment as it won't have come from their servers and IT systems but from an external bot net.

It's not advised to ring them as there won't really be anything they can do to help you.

From: "tel: 07773403290" {}
Subject: RE: Voice message from 07773403290
Message Body:
The attached message was recently left in your voicemail account. We are sending you this email because you have asked for your messages to be forwarded to this address.
The original message is still in your account.

Attached to the message is a Zip file:
Inside the Zip file is a Windows Executable file:

Sha256 Hashes:
25a283556840d41562f44b97ec08e80cf722644b521e8dc7940e29eb79a85c33 [1]
Malware Virus Scanner Reports:
VirusTotal Report: [1] (detection 2/55)


mad as a hatter said...

Thanks Steve

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks from me too!...Got the mail/attachments this morning...all now deleted & blocked!

LMC said...

Suspected as much, thanks for the confirmation.

Anonymous said...

yep, just had one too

Sarah chatterley said...

thank you. I keep getting these. i have had at least 6 this morning even though i block every one.
also getting a lot of requests for an answer to a f*ckbuddy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post it was very helpful and i am pleased that i did not open it before seeing these comments