Monday, 22 June 2015

Shareholder alert Glen McCoy

Shareholder alert Glen McCoy with a malware attached...

Subject: Shareholder alert
Message body:
Hope this e-mail finds You well. Please note that in 2015 no dividends will be paid due to resolution of the Board of Directors. Please see attached.     Glen McCoy, Partner
Attached to the message is a Zip file:
Inside the Zip file is a Windows Executable file:
Sha256 Hashes:
0203b56db2c0ad655213af0871473cc88169b7b1320550d1fe4d19f93def8507   [1]
Anti virus reports:
VirusTotal Report: [1] (Detection 1/57)
Malwr Report: [1]
Hybrid Analysis Report: [1]


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