Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Remittance Advice November word malware

More malware infected word documents on their way...

From: "Doreen Todd"
Subject: Remittance Advice November WT1841041R
Reply-To: "Doreen Todd"

Dear Sir/Madam

Please find attached the details of the payment credited to your account =
for the sum of 1739.67 GBP


Doreen Todd

Accounts Payable Department DUCO

Malware Detected as: Sanesecurity.Malware.24528.DocHeur
ClamAV 3rd Party signatures: http://sanesecurity.com
#clamav #sanesecurity #malware  

12:26: VirusTotal Results: 12, 3 and 4
15:41: Eset have just added detection, so after 3 hours we have 1/54 AV's picking it up

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Anonymous said...

Suspicious of an email, I googled "Accounts Payable Department DUCO" and found this post had been put up only minutes earlier. The text and the £sum were identical but mine purported to come from "Ora Raymond".